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Lisa Edwards - Ritual HQ gym user, mother of three, business owner, family manager, Mintie addict

Lisa Edwards

My story starts here, every week. There are so many seemingly ordinary people who inspire me, people who are fit, healthy and comfortable in their own skin.

I’m a creature of habit, and it’s important that I fit exercise into my daily routine. I’m confident that if I keep eating right and working hard that I’m setting myself up for a healthier life.
I’m a creature of habit. You’ll find me here in the mornings. I feel that works for me and my family.

I hope my love for health and fitness has a positive effect on my children. I’m always learning, constantly growing.
Ritual HQ is a huge part of my life. I feel that I have achieved so much since joining the team both physically and mentally. Before, I never really understood how exercise and food could affect and change my body.

Ritual HQ is unlike any gym you’ve ever been to before. Exercise for me has so many benefits and gives me clarity to deal with everyday life.

I’m just like you, a mother of three, business owner, family manager, Mintie addict. This is my story.
Carolyn Bofinger - Ritual HQ gym user of HIIT, Fifteen rounds fit and Braeden's Boxing class

Tim and Carolyn Bofinger

Tim was an active member at another local gym. He loved going to the gym and would ask me on a regular basis, “Do you want to come to the gym with me today?” Despite seeing the positive change he had experienced, every time the answer would be “Not today, love.” This went on for a few years.

One day I caught up with a friend who was going to Ritual HQ and she looked and felt great. I could see myself at that gym and joined. Within a week, Tim had followed me there. Being able to go together was a huge motivator for us both.
The gym itself has a great community spirit. Everyone is always very positive and helpful. We both do a range of activities at the gym and have felt very supported throughout the time we have been going. There’s a great balance of fun and hard work with every visit.
We both do various classes each week. The main two are Dan’s HITT / Fifteen rounds classes and Braeden’s boxing class. Our PT session each week is a great time to check in with Braeden on our technique. Braeden also makes us step outside our comfort zone during this session.

Last year, we signed up for the 12 week challenge. This was a perfect experience to get our nutritional plan on track and get to know other people at the gym. We haven’t looked back.

The wellness key has also been a pivotal component of our training program. The instant feedback it provides us is a great motivator. We both access the gym to do our own training regularly throughout each week.
For me (Tim) it’s knowing you can get stronger in your forties.

For me (Carolyn) it’s not having to rely on a constant supply of chocolate and diet coke to keep me going throughout each day. And getting stronger.

It sounds so cliché but our overall health has improved drastically.
Doing it together has been perfect. We motivated each other to stay on track throughout the 12 week challenge when we first joined and now our exercise and eating plan has become the way we live.
Michael Rutland - Ritual HQ gym user and personal strength training client of Tyler Small

Michael Rutland

I was first attracted to Ritual HQ for the price. Much cheaper than plenty of other gyms and they offered student prices as well! On top of that, Ritual HQ is right in my backyard, very easy to get to so I couldn't make any excuses about it being too hard to get to!
Everything has been great! The staff are all super welcoming but are also understanding if you happen to be a little shy or anxious. They will give you as much or as little attention as you need which was fantastic. As for the gym itself, I can't fault it, all the equipment is great and it has everything I could ever think of needing.
At first, I just came to the gym whenever I sort of happened to feel like it. Once I started to take it a little more seriously I contacted Chantal and she recommended Tyler as my personal trainer. Since then I have made more improvements to myself than I ever thought was possible and I will recommend any of the trainers here to anyone.
Since coming here it has all been about realising what I can really do. With the help of the trainers, especially Tyler, I have made improvements to my strength, and belief, that I have simply never seen before.
The people. That includes trainers and patrons by the way. Everyone at this gym has a local mentality, everyone is welcome. If you want to be the biggest lifter in Brisbane, we have enough competition to keep you happy. If you want to hit the treadmill and jam some of your favourite tracks, knock yourself out. This gym brings out the best in everyone, myself included, and it all came down to the people.
Cameron - Ritual HQ gym user and PT client

Cameron Fidler

My story starts most mornings at 4am. I count about seven other gyms on my way to RHQ, but it’s the culture and the people that keep me coming back.
A lot of my motivation has to do with being in a routine; if I couldn’t train I’d go nuts. I’d love my kids, Addison and Jackson, to grow to understand the benefits of staying active, and I only hope my story is setting a good example
Luke Cosgrove - Ritual HQ gym user of HIIT classes and 15 Rounds

Luke Cosgrove

Close location to home was probably the initial attraction for me, but the continued development of equipment/facilities and training programs has definitely kept me coming back!
Nothing but positive, especially with some of the recent additions to the gym equipment. You guys are all so easy to talk to, and it doesn’t go unnoticed that you do know a majority of the members by name. The gym itself is great. Space is a bit of an issue sometimes when classes are on, but the trainers always ensure they work with the other members and keep everyone happy.
some mid-week HIIT classes, and most 15 Rounds on Saturdays.
My motivation for exercise in general. Had never been able maintain a constant gym routine, and after spending a long period traveling overseas the health and motivation levels were at an all-time low. Coming back to a new look Ritual HQ with better facilities and trainers gave me motivation to get my fitness back to an all-time high.
My girlfriend is a big motivator for me, always encouraging us to stay fit and eat healthy. Within the gym though, 15 rounds on a Saturday morning really helped kick start me back into action. Dan is a great motivator and always makes a 60 minute session seem a little less brutal.
Brendan Wiley - Ritual HQ gym user and PT client of Chantal

Brendan Wiley

I was initially introduced to Ritual HQ by a friend who was a member. After my initial visit I knew Ritual HQ was a good fit for me.
The place just had a good vibe, the non-threating environment and friendly members and staff was a perfect fit for someone like me who can be a little anxious when trying new things. The minute you walk in the door at Ritual HQ the team greet you…. It’s a lot of little things like this that makes all the difference. Chantal & Tyler lead an unbelievably supportive team that have helped me reach my fitness goals. The only issue now… the goal posts keep moving.
I train with Chantal 3 times a week (we spend a lot of time together) Chantal always manages to keep me motivated, mixes up my sessions (I have a short attention span) and keeps me accountable. Chantal is a brilliant trainer and is a great fit for my personality type.
I feel physically and mentally stronger by being constantly challenged. I also feel if I was ever burgled or mugged, I would be fit enough to either run or defend myself.
Lots of things… having a supportive environment and trainer is essential.

Routine! I thrive on structure – set training sessions each week and meal preparation…. Without it I would struggle big time.
Allan Batch

Allan Batch

I approached Gareth Small at the oncourse golf shop and told him I wanted to improve my golf game by improving my strength levels and my core strength, so I was told RitualHQ was the place to be.
Staff have been excellent, helpful and polite. You get acknowledged when you enter and makes you feel welcomed and it’s not too packed. I usually train around 10am and it’s a nice quiet time to train.
I have a program I have using the wellness key. One-on-one session with Tyler helped me get a great knowledge on how to utilise the equipment to its fullest potential.
I feel better about my self, I have more energy, and I am starting to hit the golf ball a little bit further, which is why I initially signed up.
Actually investing in myself to be apart of a gym and get training is what continues to keep me going.

Bek Ash

My story belies my age. I value being strong and healthy rather than being a number on a scale or an image in the mirror. I feel inspired by those who promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle seeking happiness through experiences, and by young adults who break boundaries and actively voice their opinions.
In the past I haven’t always had the healthiest relationship with food and exercise, but I’ve come a long way since then. It’s about carving a path to a healthier life later on down the track.
What has helped is the environment Ritual HQ provides with a real focus on balance, realistic goals, and creating healthy relationships and healthy habits. RHQ means smiles and laughter and an easy-going atmosphere, where anyone and anybody can find success. I’m a student but I’m also a leader, and I have plenty of my story left to tell.

Lucas James

I train to become the best version of myself, that’s where my story starts. I’m not motivated to be the biggest fastest or strongest person out there, just the biggest, fastest and strongest version that I can be.
I’m inspired by strong leaders who walk the walk, who lead by what they do rather than what they say. The trainers at Ritual HQ know this best; they promote positive thinking, positive training methods and a strong ethos within their community.
If you want any kind of positive change in your life, Ritual HQ has the answers. I believe that being healthy and active is a huge contributing factor to developing positive relationships with the people around you. I’m energetic, determined, focused and adventurous, yet I don’t take myself too seriously. That’s just scratching the surface of my story.

Jo Dunlop

Stop existing and start living, that's my life motto.
I've struggled with my weight and the injuries that came with it for most of my life, but working with the trainers at Ritual HQ has helped turn this all around.
I am no longer sitting on the sideline watching everyone else have all the fun. I'm an all-or-nothing sort of person, and this is my story.


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