Chantal Coleman - Owner / Director / Personal Trainer / Strength & Nutrition Coach

Chantal Coleman is a business dynamo with heart, vision, values and passion. She is an inspired Head Strength and Conditioning Coach whose ambition and motivation are second only to her capacity as a leader and mentor to those in her community.

A single mother to two beautiful kids, Josie and Sam, Chantal’s journey has shaped her outlook on life and much of what she gives back to those around her. Chantal is the co-owner and director of Ritual HQ, a unique, community focused gym located in The Gap on the Westside of Brisbane.

From a period of uncertainty, Chantal and her team managed to rebrand and re-energize a failing 24/7 gym on the back of their vision – where habits are born, excellence begins.

Chantal walks this mantra every day, and encourages her children, her clients, her friends and her family to do the same. This business has been the measure of her perseverance through adversity, and where a community of like-minded people go to achieve results in the hands of a team of trainers who genuinely care.

Ritual HQ is Chantal’s passion, and her vision for the future involves growing and developing the business. Her hunger to create an environment where people are valued underpins the direction that Chantal is driving Ritual HQ – a place where genuine care and results aren’t taken for granted.

With a mission in mind, Chantal launched a new initiative called Mums Who Lift in May 2016. Designed to help mothers gain confidence, mobility and strength through correct training and programming, this initiative broke all superficial barriers to show mothers that it is ok to take care of themselves. A strong mum can tackle the challenges of motherhood with assuredness, creating a positive self-image that is mirrored by their children.

Through her own trials and tribulations, Chantal firmly believes that raising a child can take its toll on a mother’s self-esteem, and her vision to support a community of women to become confident on their feet is one that’s close to her heart.

Mums Who Lift has already become a hugely influential program since its inception, with over 100 participants and 25 women actively engaged in her specialised six-week program. Chantal’s dream is to nurture this initiative, expand its reach into the community and foster confidence in mothers everywhere.

On a personal level, Chantal wants to be a positive role model for her two children and to share their life’s journey. Battling numerous setbacks and challenges throughout her life hasn’t defined Chantal, but rather awakened a desire to become a stronger role model for those around her.

That ambition to make a difference has seen Chantal grow as a mother, business owner and a woman. Balancing her business requirements and family life can seem overwhelming at times, but to remain an active part in her children’s development through school and beyond is what makes Chantal such an inspired individual.

Chantal is a dynamic and passionate presenter, who delivers her valuable insights with a no-nonsense, straight-talking style. Her rapport with people and uncommon ability to communicate the complex makes Chantal Coleman an effective speaker and trainer.

You can download a copy of Chantals Bio here.



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